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SMART Podium 624
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  • SMART ink lets you write over websites, videos, and into PDFs and Microsoft Office® files, and save your notes in almost any file type.
  • Intuitive interaction - The display ignores a palm resting on the screen, enabling instructors to comfortably write over websites, videos and files. Instructors can use gestures to move, manipulate
    (pinch, zoom, rotate, flip) and save their notes and illustrations.
  • 24" Full HD touch screen - Featuring 10 touch points and 4 pre-set buttons (black, blue, red and SMART ink), instructors have almost unlimited ways to illustrate key concepts. The anti-glare surface withSilktouch™ frictionless feel, Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and adjustable stand provide uncompromised touch experience and image quality.
  • Cordless pen - The cordless, battery-free pen gives instructors the freedom to write notes without limiting body language. With an eraser and mouse-click functionality, the cordless pen has everything instructors need to navigate content. Optional tether included.
  • Display flexibility - HDMI, DVI-I (in/out, HDCP-compliant), USB ports and VGA adaptor cables, enables SMART Podium to be connected to any projector or large display, such as a SMART Board®, making it easy to show presentations large enough to be viewed in classrooms of any size.
  • SMART Learning Suite - SMART Learning Suite combines lesson delivery, assessment, student collaboration and game-based learning software into one ultimate education suite. It connects students, teachers and devices to turn lessons into enriching learning experiences.


The SMART Podium interactive pen display with touch helps professors and instructors communicate more effectively, improving student comprehension.

While projecting to a large display, teachers can add notes or illustrations to their presentations on the touch screen.

Students participate more when professors capture their ideas, questions and feedback in the lesson while maintaining eye contact.


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